“Fast, creative and every one of his pictures tells a story.”  Richard Turley TV/Film Director

Growing up as kid in 80s, the films I watched were packed with adventure. Whether it was farm boys from a galaxy far, far away, archeologists racing mine carts or kids searching for pirate treasure, these movies fed my imagination and kicked-started my love of film and photography. This has led me on some exciting adventures of my own and I now find myself part of the crew that gets to make them.

As a stills photographer for film and television I love watching the cast and crew build and piece together the story. I’m fascinated by the production process and massively enjoy being involved; it’s always a privilege to watch and photograph.

I specialize in unit photography covering the behind-the-scenes activity which I love and really draws on my passion for documentary. I also produce specials for marketing and publicity.

Alongside my movie stills, I work as a documentary photographer. Over the last decade my work has been published and exhibited nationally and internationally.

In 2002 my first major solo show – Trade Route – was exhibited at The Lowry in Salford UK and in 2008, a four-year project led to the publication of my first book, The Midland Hotel.

When not photographing I’m fortunate enough to guest lecturer at universities across the UK; it’s great to be involved with the learning process and share my experiences and knowledge. The opportunity to meet and work with new students is always exciting.